RONSTAN Sailboat Hardware

Ronstan is a world-leading manufacturer of sailboat hardware, rigging components, sailing wear and accessories created through innovative thought and real-world testing. We offer a full range of yacht and dinghy sailing products including blocks, sheaves, travellers, furlers, rope cleats, stainless steel fittings, sheet and halyard winches and much more. No matter whether you are a racing sailor or offshore cruiser, our global team experience allows us to offer the perfect sailing product solution to meet the needs of you and your boat.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ronstan's international network includes offices and distribution centres throughout the United States, Europe and Australasia. Our products have become the sailing equipment of choice for racing dinghy classes, including the International Moth, as well as many high-profile offshore racing programs like the Volvo Ocean Race fleet. If you have a sailboat, you need Ronstan.

As you explore the entire range of products Ronstan has to offer we are always available to personally answer any of your technical questions. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help you make the most of your sailing experience.

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RONSTAN Tensile Architecture – Project Solutions

Extraordinary architectural design begins with advanced building techniques. Ronstan Tensile Architecture expand architectural potential far beyond the constraints of traditional building techniques with the use of modern engineering design and incredibly strong and lightweight structural members. We can help you create a wide array of stunning tensile structures including functional and aesthetic façades, discrete security and fall protection cable nets, urban catenary lighting luminaires and systems, balustrade cable railings, large fabric canopies, suspension bridges and cable trellis systems for vertical gardens. Each offering a uniquely modern appearance that is sure to be noticed.

Ronstan's Tensile Architecture Team is a full-service specialty contractor. From design, to construction and installation, we can facilitate all aspects of your project including material selection. We have extensive experience in these type of buildings and have been involved in numerous notable projects worldwide including sporting stadiums, government buildings, open amphitheatres, zoological enclosures and outdoor suspended lighting installations.

If you want to make a bold architectural statement, let our team of architects, engineers and project managers show you the extraordinary advantages of tensile design. As your design, supply and construction partner, we will help you bring your unfettered creative vision to the world.

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Ronstan Industrial

RONSTAN Industrial Hardware

Ronstan Industrial offers a range of Industrial Hardware

  • 1. Block, Tackle, Pulley & Hoist Systems
  • 2. Stainless Steel Rigging & Hardware (Snap shackles, eye bolts, pad systems, carbine hooks, swivels etc)
  • 3. Rail, Car, Track, Traveller, Trolley Systems
  • 4. Rope Cleats & Other Rope Accessories
  • 5. Rope, Bungee/Shockcord, Straps & Slings (Dyneema, Spectra & other brands)
  • 6. Aluminum Alloy, Nylatron, Acetal sheaves and Bearings
  • 7. Balustrade Railing Systems For decking, landings, mezzanines
  • 8. Stainless Steel Structural Rod Systems
  • 9. Structural Wire Rope Fittings (Turnbuckles, swage eyes, terminals, studs etc)

Ronstan was founded in 1953 initially to serve the marine industry in Australia. The company has expanded globally and now has 2 manufacturing plants, one in Australia the other in Denmark.

Ronstans roots are in the demanding marine industry where it has developed products to successfully operate in the harsh saltwater environment.

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ANDERSEN Stainless Steel Winches

Andersen sailing winches have built a worldwide reputation for excellence. As beautiful as they are functional, our unique stainless steel winch drum design features exclusive vertical Power Rib™ technology that firmly grips the line with minimal abrasion. We offer a full range of single and two speed manual winches in self-tailing and classic models, as well as electric and hydraulic power-driven winch designs perfect for larger sailing yachts. Our E1 and Compact Motor™ electric winches allow effortless sail control at the push of a button, with unrivalled levels of efficiency, monitoring and protection.

The beauty of Andersen winches is far more than skin deep. Each model has been highly refined over 50 years of real-world sailing experience. We use only the highest quality marine grade materials to provide a premium winch that will last for years, even in the harshest of marine environments. The reliable choice for racing and offshore cruising sailors alike, if you are looking for the best winch available, look no farther than Andersen. We proudly manufacture each model to set an exacting standard that all other sailboat winches follow.

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RONSTAN Rigging Hardware

Ronstan manufactures and distributes a wide array of exceptionally high quality rigging components for architectural and industrial applications.

We offer completed structural cable and rod rigging systems, balustrade railing systems and cable trellis systems in stainless steel wire or mesh created specifically for building and infrastructure construction.

Ronstan rigging components and wire are also available separately for trade or DIY use. They are produced using only the highest quality materials and are fully load rated. Our range includes rigging screws/turnbuckles, cable end fittings/terminals, cable stand-offs, anchor fittings and tools.

We also distribute high quality Carl Stahl mesh and cable components including X-TEND stainless steel mesh, Posilock and I-SYS cable hardware. Known for their exceptional quality and finish, Carl Stahl architectural rigging products perfectly complement Ronstan’s own component range.

More than a supplier, Ronstan Rigging also has the knowledge and experience to help you select and install exactly what you need to bring your project to life. Our rigging and architectural specialists work with you to ensure each item meets your load and design requirements and provide any installation guidance needed. If you need rigging components, you need Ronstan Rigging.

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